June 2018

Posted on 21st June, 2018

I have been busy working on my new label design for the last couple of months, with my son Jon . It has worked out well for me that he is a graphic design student and has just finished his degree at Bath Spa University.

I have always loved the highland cattle and I asked him if he could design my label around one. I wanted a label to reflect something from the beautiful area that we live in and I am very pleased with the finished product and hope you like it too.

The first time I came to visit Uig in 2008, I went with my sister around to Ardroil and there were some highland cattle on the side of the road. They are beautiful with their curvy horns and long shaggy coats.


Uig Candles


It has taken me a little while after my move to the island to get myself sorted out with my candle making, but I have now managed to get everything straight and my wax has arrived and I am back pouring them at last.


They are available to buy though various stockists on the island and also though my  online shop. 





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