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Having goals is important!

Posted on 8th February, 2019


Hard to believe we are in February already! I'm pleased the snow has gone as it was hard to get up and down the driveway!


I am a bit late in doing another blog but due to a family bereavement just before christmas, I have only just started to get back into the swing of things.


I have been thinking about the importance of having goals and plans and whether they are large or small, we all need them to inspire us and keep us focused and its good to have something to aim for.


One of my goals for last year was to complete my full motorcycle licence. I was meant to take my final test in December, but due to the bad weather, this was cancelled 15 minutes before it was due to happen. I now have the test booked again for this month and really hope that all goes well as I am looking forward to getting out on the bike and exploring more of the beautiful island that we live on and also the islands around us.


I love being outdoors and taking photos. I still can't get over how the changes in the light affect the colours of the scenery. We have had some cold nights, but when the skies have been clear, the stars have been amazing.

I do love the fact that the evenings are starting to draw out now and the thought that long summer evenings are just around the corner, is lovely.


The photo below was taken by my son Jon and I just thought I'd share it with you!


February night sky

Autumn has arrived !

Posted on 15th October, 2018

Lewes Castle Grounds, Stornoway

We are still getting some beautiful days in amongst the rain and storms but now that the nights are drawing in, I’m sure you are lighting more candles than you did in the summer months and hopefully you’re not experiencing any power cuts!

The leaves are falling off the trees in Stornoway and the castle grounds are looking lovely.

Unfortunately, the stag has visited our garden and the few small trees that we did have, have been stripped of leaves and bark as he has been rubbing his antlers.


If you are using more candles, its always good to remember the basics of candle care so that you get the most out of them. 

I was with a group last week at the Orbit Agency and some of them weren’t aware of the importance of candle care and so I thought I would share a few of the suggestions with you.


The first time you light your candle, it is best to let it burn for at least 3 hours. This means that each time you light it after this, the wax won’t tunnel around the edges of the container.


Not every one realises the importance of trimming the wick each time before you light the candle to approx 1/4 inch. This causes the candle to burn more evenly and prolongs the life of the candle and prevents the flame becoming smoky.


If you have candles in glasses, especially the 3 wick ones, don’t let the wax drop below 5mm from the bottom of the glass as it can get very hot if left to burn right down and there is a risk of the glass cracking.


Just a reminder to keep candles away from children and pets. With the soya candles, the wax gets very hot whilst its lit and once extinguished, will need to cool down before being moved.


Talking of fire, bonfire night is on the horizon and I know that here in Uig, our community bonfire is on Friday 2nd November. Last year it was a lovely event and its great to support the community. You never know what you might win in the raffle!


I have just started to think about making a Christmas cake for this year and if any of you have a good recipe you would like to share, I’d love to see it. You could post it in the comments below.




Beautiful sunrise over Loch Roag




September 2018

Posted on 5th September, 2018


I hope you have all had a good summer and managed to get a break and enjoy some sunshine. 

I can't quite believe we are now in September and that the nights are starting to draw in and there is a nip in the air. I love the heather that is covering the sides of the hills and along the roads.


I have been busy working on various jobs throughout the summer months and also I have been enjoying my candles and thinking about new fragrances.

I have loved the Lime, Basil & Mandarin fragrance that I added last month and I hope some of you have managed to enjoy it also.


I know we all groan when the shops start to sell items for christmas at the end of August and the decorations seem to be in the shops earlier and earlier but I have to confess that now that I am making candles as a business, I have started to think about christmas fragrances already and how I will present them for you to enjoy!!

Once the evenings start to draw in, it definately gives our home a nice cozy feeling when there are several candles lit around the place.


The fragrance that I am promoting for September is Peony and Blush Suede and already it is proving to be a hit. I will shortly be adding it to the facebook page and there will be a chance for you to win a glass candle in the September draw.


A big thank you to everyone who has been buying my candles and I hope you continue to enjoy them and its exciting to see how new ideas are developing.

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June 2018

Posted on 21st June, 2018

I have been busy working on my new label design for the last couple of months, with my son Jon . It has worked out well for me that he is a graphic design student and has just finished his degree at Bath Spa University.

I have always loved the highland cattle and I asked him if he could design my label around one. I wanted a label to reflect something from the beautiful area that we live in and I am very pleased with the finished product and hope you like it too.

The first time I came to visit Uig in 2008, I went with my sister around to Ardroil and there were some highland cattle on the side of the road. They are beautiful with their curvy horns and long shaggy coats.


Uig Candles


It has taken me a little while after my move to the island to get myself sorted out with my candle making, but I have now managed to get everything straight and my wax has arrived and I am back pouring them at last.


They are available to buy though various stockists on the island and also though my  online shop. 





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May 2018

Posted on 18th May, 2018

Welcome to ‘Uig Candles.’…


Towards the end of 2017 I began to make hand poured 100% natural soya wax candles that I combine with premium fragrance oils.

I was working as a practice nurse in Bath at the time and found that making candles was a great way to de-stress after a busy day and it was something that I really enjoyed doing and a great hobby to have. 

My finished products were enthusiastically received by friends and family, which was very encouraging and I also attended a couple of the local craft fairs and had positive feedback.


Towards the end of 2017 my husband and I made the decision to relocated to Uig on the west coast of the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides , an area that we had fallen in love with many years before and had been visiting on a regular basis to see family. 

It has been an amazing lifestyle change for us to move here and our 3 dogs are also enjoying all the beautiful beaches!


After some thought I decided to rebrand from 'The Bay Tree Candle Company' to 'Uig Candles' as I wanted to have a company name that reflected the local area that I was now living in.

 I am looking forward to having a bit more time to devote to establishing my candle business and creating products that you will enjoy and be happy with.




Reef Beach


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